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If your turnover or extra costs were no longer impacted by climatic parameter?


Our customers are weather-sensitive: their turnover or cost structure are impacted by climatic parameters: temperature, pluviometry, speed wind, snow, etc.

There are many weather-sensitive sectors: agriculture, energy, retail, tourism and transport.

For example in energy sector, the clients’ consumption depends on temperature and the energy’s providers are sensitive to pluviometry, speed wind or sun’s rays depending on production mode: hydroelectric power, wind power or sun power.

We revolutionize insurance: parametric insurance also called index insurance or climate insurance is born.


We designed tailor-made insurance contracts for our customers, which are not based on damage as usual.

Our insurance contracts are based on a climate parameter (temperature, pluviometry) and are released when the parameter exceeds a defined threshold in order to compensate turnover or extra costs.

For this reason, an expert opinion isn’t required so the payment is immediate (index reading).

Our know-how: making you weather-insensitive.


Our know-how results from a strong listening capacity, an ability to innovate and a deep insurance expertise.

Our objective: making you weather-insensitive by elaborating a tailor-made parametric insurance (or index insurance).

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